My name is Mandy. I enjoy carbonated drinks and the sound of plastic bags opening. Yea, I am that horrible person opening a candy wrapper in a library. I wont write my whole biography here, but I am a self-taught artist attempting to make her way into the art world. The work I do is in a lot of different mediums (Pencil, Pen, Ink washes, Acrylic, etc.) If you have any questions about the tools I use feel free to ask!

Many people make art a "goal" in some shape or form. But, it is simply not enough to say "I want to do this and get paid". Or, "I dream to someday be an artist". I don't think you are willing enough for anything in life unless you are ready to fight and bleed for it. This blog will follow my own personal struggles as an artist and hopefully some of my achievements as well. Tips? Ideas? Crack the whip.


Megaman Triple Mat Frame
$20.00 +Shipping
For sale in the shop HERE

Another highly requested frame. I am trying to keep up with the things you guys are interested in. Every time you favorite my shop, I stalk you a little bit on etsy to see what else you like. And, trying to contain myself from buying ALL THE THINGS. Enjoy~

Custom Pokemon Magnets (ON SALE!)
$5.00 + Shipping
For sale in the shop HERE

For a limited time I am offering Pokemon Magnets in my shop! You can have any custom color you like and any pokemon you want (With the exception of Legendary Pokemon). For only $5.00 Each. These are great gifts for friends in a small gift exchange and to prepare for the holidays. Don’t be like me, don’t buy your gifts last minute. I did that last year, was a terrible mess. In a couple of days I will be selling Custom Pokemon Team Magnets, so that is something to look forward too. Enjoy~

Kirby Meta Knight Framed Art
$30.00 + Shipping
For Sale in the Shop HERE

Spent much longer on this piece than I had originally wanted to. There was a lot of color adjusting on my end, but I think it turned out awesome. Meta Knight has been a favorite of mine since I was little. I always thought he WAS SO COOL!!! I dunno if its the girlyness of Knight in Shining armor (Well, little fat knight in shining armor. Whatever, I like dwarves. Its sort of the same). Or, maybe its because he was the mysterious villain. I will try and do more kirby sprites down the line. I really enjoy the vibrant colors.

Original Character Anime Sketch

Alright! Well, I normally don’t post things from my sketch books because they are so…Well…Sketchy. But, I did want to pass along some knowledge for you anime artists. I found the BEST tutorial for drawing anime couples. I always struggled with this, and now it all makes sense. To think I just needed to draw a box. Pheh. Well, anyways. There is an awesome tutorial by Mark Crilley called “How to Draw People Kissing”. Best reference ever! So, I am passing it along to all of you.

Oh, and as a note the characters are from a game called Heroes of Ivalice. I have been working on the re-boot of it, but can’t show you guys much more than that yet. Lots of math involving stats and such (Think online DnD game)

Bead Bucket Craft Challenge

This is probably a really usual problem to have with people who do bead sprites. You always start off somewhere and typically it is with the “Bead Bucket”. I feel bad throwing it away, so I am going to do a Bead Bucket Challenge. Every sprite I make from here on out must include some beads from the bucket. Challenge is over when the beads are all gone. (With the exception of a few deformed beads and off colored beads I have in the mix (It always happens with the buckets).

If you are interested in joining in this challenge, Step 1 is marking on the side of your bucket with a sharpie. Put the Day you start and a little line. I will be adding more lines as I go through beads in the bucket.

You might be thinking this is a little bit crazy considering none of the beads are sorted and it is just a mess in there. Well, I plan on using beads from my sorted collection in addition. Here is my bead schedule for you all to see:

Week 1: Magnets and Keychains
Week 2: Cupcake Toppers
Week 3: Framed Pictures/Picture Sprites (Images of characters)
Week 4: Potted Plant Sprites
Week 5 (Depends on the Month): Misc. Projects

With that in mind, I am on Week 3 for October. I have a couple of projects currently in circulation. In particular, I am finishing up Meta-Knight and starting on Luffy. I should have them  both finished by tomorrow.

If you want to join in, leave a comment or send me a message! I would love to see some of your guys work. To keep an eye on everything, I am making a pinterest board to post all of the new bead sprite releases. Send me a message and I will include you so you can post onto the board directly. Enjoy~

Poliwag Evolution Triple Mat Frame
$20.00 + Shipping
For Sale in the Shop HERE

Another pokemon set for the holidays. I have one more requested pokemon to get to, so hopefully I will have that up by tonight. Lots of projects happening! I should have a post up every day for the next couple of weeks. Enjoy~

Dark Man

 A sketch I did using monochromatic prisma color markers. I have never used markers before so this was a challenge. Blending was really difficult, but I  heard they don’t blend was well as copics. Any tips for success would be great! Thanks!

Balthier ( Final Fantasy XII) Framed Sprite
$9.00 + Shipping
For Sale in the shop HERE

My favorite character in the whole game. I thought it would be fun to make him into a framed sprite. Here is a little bit about him for those who haven’t played the game yet:

He is a sky pirate who globetrots Ivalice with his partner Fran on his airship, the Strahl. When his plans goes awry Balthier finds himself a part of a conflict between political forces that could lead to war.

Battle Scene Work In Progress

 I started a new painting (And, didn’t tape the paper, I know…For shame). This is going to be my first battle scene so I am a little worried how it’ll turn out. I mapped out where I want everything first and going to start layering in a couple of days. I am having one of those moments where I start a painting and feel like I am going to ruin it. The two men in the front are a Monk and a Lancer. Lancer is going to be crushing someones skull with his hand and the monk will be breaking someones spine. Intense right? Going to be awesome!

Star Trek Pillowcase Set (King Size)
$25.00 + Shipping
For sale in the Shop HERE

Another fabric item in the shop! My designer Andrea created this gift set and I thought it very appropriate for the holidays. I will have more pillowcases up soon featuring Marvel characters next. Enjoy~