My name is Mandy. I enjoy carbonated drinks and the sound of plastic bags opening. Yea, I am that horrible person opening a candy wrapper in a library. I wont write my whole biography here, but I am a self-taught artist attempting to make her way into the art world. The work I do is in a lot of different mediums (Pencil, Pen, Ink washes, Acrylic, etc.) If you have any questions about the tools I use feel free to ask!

Many people make art a "goal" in some shape or form. But, it is simply not enough to say "I want to do this and get paid". Or, "I dream to someday be an artist". I don't think you are willing enough for anything in life unless you are ready to fight and bleed for it. This blog will follow my own personal struggles as an artist and hopefully some of my achievements as well. Tips? Ideas? Crack the whip.


Death Ride

Really been enjoying these pieces on mini canvas. I did these two horses in ink (one of my favorite mediums), on a primed canvas. I drew these inspired by “The Gunslinger” by Stephen King. I want to do more fantasy/western pieces. Anyone reading the dark tower series? I am really enjoying it! I am coming close to the end of the first book and cannot wait to see what happens. These horse bones just seem like something you would see in the story.

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